Child Brain Injury Have Normal Life Opportunities

Children who suffered brain injuries have a chance to live like a normal child. By utilizing the brain that are still healthy, child brain injury can be optimized motor skills and intellectual. When a convicted child suffered brain injury, parents often confused what to do. Various therapies do to make their children return to normal as physical therapy, speech therapy, and vision therapy. Unfortunately the result is often considered less satisfactory, although in some cases this kind of therapy brought little change. Rina (32), mothers who have child brain injury, feeling desperate. The reason was two years old son, Dito (6), participate therapy at a hospital to be run. But, until now Dito still can not stepped. He just stood there while restraints. According to Rina, Dito paralyzed because the first time a baby is often a high fever and convulsions. Director of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia, United States, Douglas Doman, said the therapy is performed in children who suffered brain injuries a lot of the wrong target. Children with brain injuries is difficult because the therapy was progressing only to treat symptoms, not the source of the cause. “If the source is exist in the brain, therapy should be focused on the brain, rather than on the body which are considered problematic,” said Douglas. Douglas was in Jakarta last week to hold a seminar “New Hope for Parents with Children Brain Injury.” He was the son of Glenn Doman, founder of The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential, an institution established to deal with children with brain injury in the United States. Causes of injury In the book What Your Child Can Do In The Brain Injury written by Glenn Doman, the definition of child brain injury is “any child who experienced something that injured his brain.” Something can happen at any time, starting when the child is still in the womb, during birth, after birth, until the child is big enough. During the period of conception, brain injury can occur if there are genetic factors that influence, such as chromosomal abnormalities that cause brain abnormalities in young Down Syndrome. Rhesus incompatibility of blood on the couple husband and wife can also cause brain injury. Meanwhile, brain injuries can also be caused by external factors such as head trauma, inflammation, bleeding brain, and disease that can progressively damage the brain such as brain tumors. A child who suffered brain injuries lose the ability to absorb information (sensory) and respond to information (motor). According to Douglas, the children who suffered brain injuries are often given a stamp that actually makes people become confused because they are often regarded as a disease that name. Call it mental retardation, cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, emotional disorders, paralysis paralyzed, autism, epilepsy, hyperactivity, and much more. The names, said Douglas, was actually a symptom of brain injury. A child who suffered brain injuries are often considered stupid because they are unable to speak, stand, or walk. But if the brain’s ability to be optimized, child brain injury could have the intellectual abilities equal to normal children or even exceed the normal children. Reformat Children who experience brain injury can still be “repaired” because usually the damage does not occur completely, but only certain parts only. “There are brain cells that can be reformatted,” said Douglas said. Reformat done by creating a basic movement that should be passed all mankind since its inception, ie, moving without the move, creeping, crawling, and walking. This basic movement was created to stimulate the brain. “Over time the brain will absorb information and will respond back that information,” said Douglas. Glenn Doman method is designed to create new channels in the unused part of the brain. The new channel will be cut off delivery of information on brain injury. According to Douglas, the majority of humans using brain potentials only two to three percent and the rest unused. Before dealing with brain injured children, Glenn Doman and his team first examine the behavior of normal children from various countries. He then created a profile of child development from various age levels. From the profile was only known to the child who does not like what’s normal. This method creates new channels in the brain. This new channel will be cut off delivery of information without going through the damaged cells. With this new channel, the information is lost between the senses and the brain can be connected back and brain injured children could live a normal life like other children.


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