When Our Children, No “Perfect”


Every parent would wish to have a baby is “perfect”. However, reality does not always meet all expectations. When the child was diagnosed with disorders, such as disability, down syndrome or autism, of course there are feelings of sadness and anger.

Feelings of anger, could not accept, even feeling ashamed to admit it happened in the family is a natural reaction. According to Gobin Vashdew, parenting motivator, these reactions arise because we are not ready to accept the reality.

The feeling down there because they were not ready. This can cause stress and the condition is not easy to escape from stress.

Parents often feel depressed, hopeless, and lost hope, especially when parents wonder about the future of the child. Sometimes, feelings of stress can also cause a sense of guilt, especially in the mother.

At this stage of depression, parents tend to be moody, withdrawn from the closest social environment, and loss of life. Most people that have certain emotions will be leveled or buried themselves. In fact, the truth is released.

The process of escape from stress or stress relief is not as easy as turning the palm of the hand. We can do this by trying to take lessons from each incident. Every person is born with their respective roles. Perhaps with this incident I was given a role as a nurse for the child.

Each event in this world is neutral. Would like to be negative or positive, depends on how we see and give meaning. “It would be nice if we always see from the other side”

An event can be a door to an extraordinary thing. For example, Oprah Winfrey is able to rise up from the trauma of sexual abuse they experienced. Another example is Gayatri Pamoedji, mothers of adolescent persons with autism are now recognized as a family counselor and speaker at various seminars on children with autism.

The sooner we stop lamenting the fate and be able to find meaning, the sooner a child gets the attention and love needed to maximize growth.

Should not be sad for long. Remember, our children need immediate action. The earlier children receive therapy and education, the better so that future growth will be independent not less like a normal child.


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